BlogEngine.NET 1.1 released

Almost three months have passed since the first release of BlogEngine.NET 1.0 and five months since the first public alpha. The interest has been overwhelming and the feedback immense. Because of this, we wanted to get the next version out the door as fast as possible with all the bug fixes and many feature requests from the community.

Download BlogEngine.NET 1.1

New features

A lot of new features have been added. Here is a short list of the most important ones:

  • Internationalization – 17 languages is supported (more coming soon)
  • Post rating/voting system
  • Microformats (xFolk, XFN, Rel-Tag)
  • OPML support
  • Contact form
  • Many new cool themes (more coming soon)
  • Recent comments widget
  • Page list widget


Beside the new features, BlogEngine.NET 1.1 ships with many improvements to all parts of the application - widgets, Windows Live Writer extensions, SQL provider, spam protection, performance and stability and much, much more.


BlogEngine.NET now supports different languages, 17 to be exact. Here is the list of the supported languages.

  1. Arabic (ar) Korayem
  2. Chinese (zh-cn) by MK2
  3. Czech (cs) by George Manas
  4. Danish (da) by Mads Kristensen
  5. Dutch (nl) by Gill Cleeren
  6. English (en) by Mads Kristensen
  7. Flemish (nl-be) by oVan
  8. Frensh (fr) by Damien Thouvenin
  9. German (de) by Roman Staub
  10. Italian (it) by Federico Coletto
  11. Norwegian (no) by Hege Grønsberg
  12. Polish (pl) by Michal Talaga
  13. Portuguese (pt) by Davis Sousa
  14. Spanish (es-mx) by Mariano Conti
  15. Swedish (sv) by Mattias Lindahl
  16. Thai (th) by Natthawut Kulnirundorn
  17. Turkish (tr) by Muhammed Tahiroglu

In a few weeks we plan to release a language pack with as many languages possible. More on that soon.

The community

The BlogEngine.NET community has really grown and the discussion board is buzzing every day. I’ve never seen such an active community before – a community that helps each other, release patches and features, create themes and doing the translations.

All the bugs you’ve found, the features you’ve requested and the patches you’ve uploaded are the main reason why we are able to release so soon. You’ve done a tremendous amount of work and we are very grateful. Thank you very much for making BlogEngine.NET a better blog engine.

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  • Mike van Zandwijk

    7/16/2007 9:19:33 AM |

    Congratiolations team with this great milestone. Truly a fantastic engine: extremely portable, lightweight, flexible, versatile and customizable. One happy EngineUser Smile


  • Josh Stodola

    7/16/2007 9:35:12 AM |

    It would be nice to see the new themes showcased on this web site...

  • Davis Sousa

    7/16/2007 9:40:12 AM |

    Oh... My name is there... Laughing

  • Mads Kristensen

    7/16/2007 9:48:03 AM |

    Josh, all themes will be showcased soon on the Themes page.

  • mk2

    7/16/2007 10:28:25 AM |


  • Mattias Lindahl

    7/16/2007 12:04:15 PM |

    Great news indeed! Thanks for this to all contributers of this great project!

  • Vijay

    7/16/2007 2:01:01 PM |

    Congrats and kudos guys! that was a very rapid release from the first version.

  • oVan

    7/18/2007 4:33:02 AM |

    Great stuff!

  • Mariano

    7/18/2007 8:38:48 PM |

    Congrats Mads and team on the release! If anyone has suggestions on the Spanish translation, send em to nanexcool [at] gmail.

    Can't wait for 1.2!!

  • Henrik Stenbæk

    7/20/2007 6:42:31 AM |

    Great! Mads how did you find the time for this – I though you was roadtripping Italy *SS*

  • Mads Kristensen

    7/20/2007 9:56:42 AM |

    Henrik, I find the time because I want to find the time Smile
    I was in Italy for 17 days, but now I'm back again. It was just a short vacation. Besides, the kind folks at BlogEngine kept working while I was gone.

  • film izle

    2/13/2008 2:48:43 PM |

    Arabic (ar) Korayem
    Chinese (zh-cn) by MK2
    Czech (cs) by George Manas
    Danish (da) by Mads Kristensen
    Dutch (nl) by Gill Cleeren
    English (en) by Mads Kristensen
    Flemish (nl-be) by oVan
    Frensh (fr) by Damien Thouvenin
    German (de) by Roman Staub
    Italian (it) by Federico Coletto
    Norwegian (no) by Hege Grønsberg
    Polish (pl) by Michal Talaga
    Portuguese (pt) by Davis Sousa
    Spanish (es-mx) by Mariano Conti
    Swedish (sv) by Mattias Lindahl
    Thai (th) by Natthawut Kulnirundorn
    Turkish (tr) by Muhammed Tahiroglu

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