Hosting providers support BlogEngine.NET

Since BlogEngine.NET became an ASP.NET Starter Kit it immediately got recognized as a serious blog platform. This has resulted in hosting provider’s interest in fully supporting the platform and making sure that it runs perfectly. The first hosting provider to fully support BlogEngine.NET is DiscountASP.NET which also dedicated a page describing their support.

The interest from hosting providers and the 15.000 downloads of BlogEngine.NET 1.1 can only be an indicator of the way BlogEngine.NET is moving. Very soon the 1.2 version will be released and we expect it to be the version that once and for all let people know that we are here to stay for a long time.

Where the 1.1 release was mainly a service release on top of the first one, the 1.2 release will be all about new features. All the bugs and minor issues found in the first release was fixed in 1.1, so when 1.2 ships you’ll find a myriad of new features. Hopefully, this will make BlogEngine.NET a first class citizen in the .NET open source world and its community. That would hopefully also mean that many more hosting providers will make sure BlogEngine.NET runs on their servers without issues.

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  • Sooluo

    9/10/2007 4:51:07 AM |

    I'm waiting for the 1.2
    The highlight syntax is very good.  

  • John

    9/10/2007 5:43:48 PM | was the first host to offer BlogEngine.NET as a free installation on our hosting plans.

  • pedro_fp_simoes

    9/27/2007 2:20:53 AM |

    I'm using your blog engine in my site, and it is amazing.

    I'm also using Windows Live Blog Writer with it, to fill some gaps in the editor section, specially the syntax highlight and the boring paragraph Frown , this two together are even more amazing, Laughing

    Thanks team for the excellent job,
      Pedro Simões

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