Introducing Showcase

As some of you suggested, we added showcase component to our project site (see front page) where we will promote websites built with BlogEngine.NET and showing best of creative and inspiring designs. If you own or know about any good candidates, please contact us and we will add this site to showcase. As list grows, we will rotate 10 randomly selected sites so that all will get equal exposure. We’ll see how it goes and if it gets popular we can add more fun in the future, like basic voting capabilities and even ability to register on BlogEngine.NET site and self-publish.

This is a good opportunity for webmasters to show there work, but of cause if you see your site posted without your approval and would like to take it off just let us know and we’ll pull it out immediately.

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  • Jerry H.

    9/2/2011 9:50:11 AM |

    Hey I like it, looking good!

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