Microformat frenzy

We just can’t stop adding support for microformats – even the ones that is only in draft. You could say that BlogEngine.NET is in a state of microformat frenzy. The next release will include all relevant microformats out of the box, so we can be ready for Firefox 3.0 and IE 8 that will support various microformats.

Here is the BlogEngine.NET history on microformat support.

BlogEngine 1.0

  • XFN
  • rel-tag
  • rel-nofollow

BlogEngine.NET 1.1

  • XFN
  • rel-tag (improved)
  • rel-nofollow
  • xFolk

BlogEngine.NET 1.2

  • XFN
  • rel-tag
  • rel-nofollow
  • xFolk
  • rel-enclosure
  • XOXO
  • hCard
  • adr

On top of all these formats in the 1.2 release we might also include

  • rel-home
  • rel-directory
  • hCalendar
  • geo

The hCalendar support will only be added if we can get the event calendar widget ready for the release. For more info on microformats, visit the official Microformats Wiki

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  • Ruchit S

    8/2/2007 4:40:32 AM |

    This one is awsome. I'm waiting for the next release.


    Ruchit S.


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