Updated page model

For the next release of BlogEngine.NET we have created a much richer experience with the pages. In the 1.1 release a page was just a static entity that could be used for an “About me” page, that didn’t follow the chronology of the posts but lived on the sideline. That’s the basic idea of having pages supported by BlogEngine.NET.

Power to the pages

We wanted to give more power to the pages, so they could have a more central part of the blog. Normally you would have a multi layered menu for navigation – one with submenus based on the page hierarchy. To make this work we added a way to build a page hierarchy by selecting each page’s parent page, thus creating a tree structure. For the menu we are going to support the build-in ASP.NET menu control by creating a site map provider. So, now you can create real nested menus for your pages.

Then we thought that we could take it one step further. What about letting a page be the front-page of the blog instead of the post list? This would basically mean that you could build an entire website using BlogEngine.NET without using its blogging capabilities. To make it happen, there is now a checkbox that determines if a given page should be the front-page of the blog.

How to use the updated model

That means that in the admin section where you create and modify pages, there now is a dropdown list and a checkbox that wasn’t there in the 1.1 release. That is the only difference from the author’s perspective.

Theme designers can use these features to create something really powerful using the build-in ASP.NET controls such as the menu, bread crumb and treeview controls. These three controls automatically hook into the BlogEngine site map provider and display the pages automatically.

This is something the community has asked for occasionally since the first release, so it was about time we got a look at it. We really hope this is something you will find useful. Hopefully we can have a theme based on the new page model available soon so you can see how to take advantage of it. If you can't wait then go get the latest source code at CodePlex.

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  • Ruchit S

    8/8/2007 9:24:58 AM |


    This is exactly what I was supposed to post as a request on CodePlex. I just needed it and here it is..

    Keep doing the gr8 job.


    Ruchit S.


  • knipjo

    8/8/2007 10:48:48 PM |

    Very nice. But it is me or does the file you decide to decide to show as a front page does not get the default.aspx page name. it keeps its original name. Is there a possibility to exchange the name of the front page with default.aspx? Or at least as an option ? Smile

  • Mads Kristensen

    8/8/2007 11:00:59 PM |

    Hi Knipjo. The ideal scenario would be to use default.aspx, but there is a catch. If we do that, then both the front-page and the default post list would have the same location (URL). That would not be very smart from a SEO point of view. We use the referrer to determine whether or not to redirect to the front-page from the default.aspx

  • Scott

    8/9/2007 1:33:27 AM |

    Any thoughts on when the source or binaries with these changes will be available for download.  This sounds exactly like what I need, but I don't really want to download all the change sets individually to take a peek at it.

    Thanks much.


  • Mads Kristensen

    8/9/2007 6:41:35 AM |

    We plan on releasing 1.2 in september, but we don't know when in September yet.

  • alex

    8/9/2007 7:58:54 AM |

    that's great! keep going !

  • Scott

    8/9/2007 11:48:36 AM |

    Thanks for the info.

  • Hank Lynch

    8/28/2007 1:17:33 PM |

    Very nice.  We needed something like this to be done.

  • Fred

    9/7/2007 2:18:54 PM |


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